Published on 11/30/2017 11:03 am
Automated image detection API:

After users upload images or another type of content, in many online communities, offensive items may get shared multiple times over the following days, weeks, and months. offers the best plans and offers when it comes to automated image detection services. You can match images against custom and shared lists, and block frequently- posted offensive content. They have less complicated or rather a simple API which just asks you to send the URL of your images and wait for the experts to do the rest.   To ensure everything is set up correctly and to support you every step of the way the technical team is ready and waiting. A reasonable price makes this more accessible to all businesses regardless of size.  API scans images for text content and extracts that text, and detects faces. You may not want your users to upload any personally identifiable information (PII) and hence detecting faces is important because and risk their privacy and the company brand.

They not only help you protect your site from unwanted images or videos but they also protect the images and videos from your site to have tampered. They are also known to provide Kiyo PRIME which is the real-time AI automated photo moderation solution that you can select a filter such as Nudity; Human; and Weapon. Using the Detect faces operation; you can detect potential faces and the number of potential faces in each image. API allows you to complete several computer vision tasks on an image URL.

API Documentation

  • Detect inappropriate content - Adult, Teen, Everyone
  • Detect faces in a scene
  • Tuning - a place to experiment with tuning the classification results
  • The Vault - a place to submit misclassified images
  • Detect gender
  • Detect age
  • Detect QRcode NEW
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