Published on 11/30/2017 11:35 am
Why is automation of image needed? API provides an automated content rating for any image. With the development of science and technology, we now have many modern devices and machines.  Although machines are growing smarter by the day, like humans they won’t understand what is good and bad, they are still not on their way and can only as smart as the information they are being given, and hence automation of image is needed. It is Advanced image detection api software which can detect unwanted images. is the best company which can help you with these issues. Detect inappropriate content from the adult, teen, and everyone. They also have the lowest cost enterprise solution in the industry.

They are offering training service for your Machine or AI solution.   Including:

  • Boundary boxes - They can draw a boundary box on an image per your request.
  • Classification – They can distinguish any data into category per your requirements.
  • Key wording - They can put a tag or keyword to your photo.
  • Search - They can tell whether there is an object in the photo or not.
  • Emotion and Sentimental Analysis - They can put emotion into the photo.

The moderators are trained to reject these kinds of images:

  • Violence (guns, blood, other weapons);
  • Image contains crimes;
  • Offensive language or gestures (e.g. middle finger);
  • Drugs;
  • Nudity and partially nude;
  • Scary and uncomfortable images (e.g. ghost); etc.

To implement on your website to make instant videos work as best as possible the following are different building blocks and tools.

  1. The Human Oversight Funnel
  • You have the ability to take it down before more and more people see it. Allow users to flag inappropriate content. If this is a live broadcast, it is offensive now.
  • Alert the authorities. It should be reported to the appropriate authorities if a live video is broadcasting illegal content, to take further action.
  • There should be an alert that calls the attention of live human moderators. Escalate it to live moderators. Once a video is flagged several times, who then watch the live video, and can quickly shut it down.
  1. The Automated Image Moderation to moderate millions of videos for the cost of fractions of a penny per frame, Automated Intelligent Moderation service (AIM) is the best way.
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